The Fort is the capital’s newest central business district. It is a truly global city with extensive growth potential, increasing property values and unlimited opportunities. In terms of real estate, it has generated almost 50% of the growth of the Philippine property market. To date, almost all developments have been sold out, indicating sustained high demand in the area.

Proftable Investment Environment

The strong performance of the Philippine residential market is driven by three factors: continued economic growth, an expanding BPO industry and low interest rates. The growth of the Philippine economy encourages both expats and investors to look to the country for immigration purposes and the establishment of business (especially BPOs). This works to increase demand for strategically located, world-class residences. The expanding BPO industry fuels the purchasing power of the middle class. This allows more people to enter the residential market, thus boosting long-term performance and once again increasing property demands. Finally, low interest rates encourage investors to remain active by guaranteeing mortgage financing. The climate is apt for profitable investment.

Industry Statistics for Fort Bonifacio

  • Extensive development potential
    • The Fort generates 50% of the growth of the Philippine property market
    • 650,000sqm office space by 2014
    • 27,000 residential supply by 2016
  • Increasing property values
    • Average rental rate P835-P1300/sqm
    • Average capital rates P125,438/sqm (P7,500,000-15,000000 for 2BR)
    • Vacancy rate remains below 5%
    • Land values increased by 28.1% in 2012, sustaining annual double digit growth
  • Tax cuts and exemptions: The cyber park in McKinley Hill is a PEZA Accredited Zone

Source: kmcmaggroup.com/research

How to Earn from Real Estate

Option 1: RESALE